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Lizzy Chiappy is a dedicated professional health and fitness leader who is passionate about integrating the benefits of yoga into athletes’ lives. As the founder of MYP Athletes  Lizzy has incorporated years of experience, multiple fitness certifications, and research studies with the University of Miami to create an active recovery yoga program specifically geared towards athletes. Lizzy has taken her skills to the classroom, teaching about the effects of yoga as an adjunct professor at the University of Miami. She has facilitated over 700 athletes ranging from youth and collegiate to amateur and professional sports. As a lululemon athletica ambassador and a STOP sports injuries affiliate, Lizzy strives to deliver effective programming and training to athletes, athletic staff, and teachers.


MYP Athletes' team is comprised of unique and hyper-qualified individuals that bring their own personal sports backgrounds, science-based educations, and trainings into their MYP teaching. All staff members are certified as RYT 200 yoga teachers in addition to their certification in the MYP Athlete's Intensive Training Program. From professional dancers, trained nurses, science teachers, and retired collegiate athletes, the MYP Athlete's team is dedicated to providing essential active recovery based yoga to all types of athletes.

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Laurie is a 200 EYRT Yoga Instructor and Certified Pilates Instructor. Laurie has been teaching with MYP since 2017. Since starting, she has worked with many teams and athletes on the high school, college, and professional level. Her goals change with each spot/athlete needs. "Working with mindfulness, active/passive recovery is a passion of mine. I enjoy seeing the physical and mental growth both on and off the field."


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Claudia is a yoga teacher and mindfulness coach. Her journey as a yoga student started with the MYP active recovery sequence. She was hooked once she started to combine mindful movement with breath. In a few weeks, she was able to see drastic progress in her body, endurance, stress level, and mental health. As a teacher, Claudia meets her students where they are in their own journeys of connection to self by creating a safe space for growth and exploration, and giving them tools to to take the lessons off the mat out to the real world.


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Didem (Didi) is a RYT 200 certified yoga instructor. She teaches mindfulness,yoga and meditation. She has always loved to express and reconnect herself through movement. She is very passionate about mindful movement and mindful living. Showing up and moving her body in a way that feels good motivates and helps Didem to get to know herself more. Her goal is to help and support her students achieve their goals through mindfulness and yoga both on and off their mat.


Stephanie MYP Headshot.jpg

Stephanie is a 200-hour registered Yoga Alliance teacher with advanced certifications in yoga for athletes, Yoga For All, and Empowered Wisdom Yoga Nidra. Additionally, Stephanie is an RRCA (Road Runner’s Club of America) certified running coach and mat Pilates instructor with Classical Pilates Education. Stephanie teaches classes that are meant to condition and strengthen the body while bringing peace to the mind and empowerment to the soul. Stephanie can be found online on Instagram @thecookierunner.  


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Ilona teaches Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness for MYP.  For her physical health is the foundation for overall health and wellbeing. She brings awareness to the importance of an active form of recovery for body & mind is what is most important to her.  She will also help her clients better understand healthy movement patterns so they can recover and begin to use their full potential. 


Martha MYP Headshot.jpg

Martha truly found her passion after completing the MYP yoga for athletes teacher training in 2019. Incorporating active & passive recovery into her own practice has also become essential to her own practice and managing her sports injuries. Martha has enjoyed expanding her teaching knowledge ever since becoming a certified instructor in 2013.  Martha has worked with several types of sports teams for MYP Athletes including golf, football, diving, soccer, and others. is a RYT 200 certified yoga instructor.



Victoria is a lover of all kinds of movement, which brought her to yoga. She first discovered yoga while recovering from ACL surgery while cheerleading, and deeply resonated with the need for better bodily awareness and mental focus. After completing her 200-hr teacher training, and the Yogalete training, she knew she wanted to be more involved in bringing her experience to the community.





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