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Designed for athletes, backed by science to optimize performance.


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Athletes of all ages and sports looking to improve their performance, or are needing some balance in their life, MYP is for the MVPs.

MYP Athletes offers team and individual sessions specializing in Mindfulness, Yoga and Pilates. Our team is highly trained and our prescriptive program is designed to enhance and protect athletes on and off the field. 


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Want to become an MYP Trainer? Our MYP Athletes Teacher Training is designed to meet the specific needs of all types of athletes. This training is geared for yoga teachers seeking to work within and grow their understanding of the sports industry. 

Participants will be given tools to communicate, teach, and support athletes through prescriptive yoga.


20+ Teams

100 Teachers

350+ Athletes

          I always like to ask around on what athletes are doing to get better and Pilates kept coming up. I played with a few guys that did Pilates consistently and I could see the positive affect it was having. I like to do maintenance work in the offseason and some of the exercise involved a reformer and lead me to finally starting Pilates and it couldn’t be a better compliment to yoga. My range of motion and flexibility has increased in a short amount of time.

Jon Jay, Chicago White Sox

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